Social Media Work Samples

Social Networking Sites Managed


  • Drove more than 40,000 visits to The Hooch Life via StumbleUpon in a single week by posting our Recipe database on the site
  • Increased Twitter followers by nearly 5,000 via the Tweebie Campaign – a Twitter-only in-store coupon. It went up on the site on Wednesday and could only be redeemed on Friday

Sample Social Media Manual and Metrics Report

Client Social Media Manual

Example 1: Social Media Metrics Report

Example 2: Social Media Metrics Report


Misty Faucheux Facebook

Misty Faucheux Pinterest

Misty Faucheux LinkedIn

Misty Faucheux Google+

Misty Faucheux Twitter

Misty Faucheux Flickr

Misty Faucheux YouTube


iBeta Twitter

Shoreline Center for Eating Disorder Treatment Facebook

Shoreline Center for Eating Disorder Treatment Twitter

Shoreline Center for Eating Disorder Treatment Google+

Shoreline Center for Eating Disorder Treatment LinkedIn

Impact Productions Facebook

Impact Productions Twitter

Impact Productions Google+

Ticket Round Up Facebook

Ticket Round Up Twitter

Ticket Round Up Google+

savvisdirect Twitter

savvisdirect Google+

savvisdirect Facebook

savvisdirect Spiceworks

savvidirect LinkedIn

SMB IT Connection LinkedIn Group

savvidirect StumbleUpon

savvisdirect Delicious

savvisdirect Tumblr

savvisdirect Reddit

The Hooch Life Facebook

The Hooch Life Twitter

The Hooch Life Pinterest

The Hooch Life Google+

The Hooch Life StumbleUpon

The Hooch Life Reddit

The Hooch Life Delicious

The Hooch Life Tumblr

Vehix Facebook

Vehix Twitter

Earth Fare Facebook

Earth Fare Twitter

Earth Fare StumbleUpon

Earth Fare YouTube



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