Copywriting Work Samples

University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Is Violence Always Counterproductive During Protests?

How Sociological Factors Affect Women’s Gymnastics

The effects of star performers on company culture, image and identity

Apocalyptic Music: Past & Present

(Analytics Software Company based in Helsinki, Finland)

Google Attribution: What Does It Mean for Marketers

Google’s New Releases: AdWords Historical Quality Score and Unique Reach

5 Steps for Agencies to Create Better PPC Reports for Clients

How Marketers Can Leverage Google Search Console

How to Use Google Ads Data to Improve SEO

How to Create a PPC Marketing Plan in 6 Simple Steps

How to Use Google Data Studio to Forecast Inventory Needs

SEO Reporting 101: Everything You Need to Know to Create Engaging SEO Reports

Google Ads Dashboard: What You Need to Know


Asking the Right Questions to Get the Answers You Need 2

Asking the Right Questions to Get the Answers You Need 

Will Sandy Cause You to Consider Cloud Computing

Is the Cloud Making Physical Offices Obsolete

What is a Cloud Server

Top 10 Cloud Applications for Small Businesses 

Migrating Your Website to a Web Hosting Provider

How to Keep Up with Growing Pains Affordably with Private Cloud

Private Cloud Helps IT Admins Do More with Less 

How to Build a Custom N-tier Application Infrastructure with Private Cloud 

Top 5 Benefits of Private Cloud

How to Establish an Email Archiving Plan 

What is Object Storage?

Cloud Computing and the Healthcare Industry: Do They Work Together?

Cloud Computing and Higher Education: On a Collision Course

Cloud Computing Forcing Companies to Think About IT Differently

Allaying Fears of Cloud Computing Security and Safety

Migrating a High-Risk Exchange Server to the Cloud 

The Multi-cloud Trend: What does it mean for businesses
(Project Management, Camera Tutorial, Digital Photography)

Learn How to Create a Project Baseline in Project 2007

Learn What Are Some of the Best Digital Camcorders to Come out for 2009

Digital Photography Tutorial: Digital Wildlife Photography

Learn How to Write an Effective Project Status Report

Review of the Creative Labs Vado HD 720p: Great Camcorder When You’re on a Budget

Canon Raw vs JPEG: What to Shoot With?

What is Interior Design?

Learn How to Fix a Digital Camera

Going Green and Sustainable with Interior Design

Sansa e260 File Transfer Instructions

Learn How to Do Effects in Wedding Photography with Photoshop

Sansa Media Converter Software and Alternatives

Learn How to Make a Camera from a Scanner

How to Use Nikon D90 Camera

SanDisk Sansa Express MP3 Player Review

Nikon Camera Repair Solutions

Learn How to Build Home Media Servers

Learn What to Do if PC is Picking Up iPod as Camera

Windows 7 Tutorial: Accessing Windows 7 Media Center Remotely

Magellan GPS Tutorial: Learn How to Hack Magellan GPS Sytems

RCA Player Troubleshooting: Vista Cannot Find RCA Opal MP3 Player

iMovie Tutorial: iMovie Problems & Solutions

Sansa Fuze Media Converter Software

Goole Labs’ In Quotes allows you to compare national leaders’ quotes

GIMP Tutorial: How to Get Rid of Double Chin in GIMP

Buy Kid-Friendly Computer Hardware for Children for this Holiday Season

Which is Better: Adobe Photoshop vs. Photoshop Elements

Using Adobe Premiere: Distributed Rendering

Learn How to Watch 3D Movies on a Home Computer and What Equipment You Need

Q&A: How Do I Price Event Photography?

Photography Business: Learn Professional Commercial Digital Photography

Digital Photography Tutorial: Nature Photography for Beginners

Canon Raw vs JPEG: What to Shoot With?

The Canon HV20 is Great For Amatuers, But May Disappoint Some Professionals

Mastering the Art of Urban Landscape Photography

Learn How to Create Great Landscape Cinematography

Canon Vixia HF S10: Perfect for High-End Consumers

Change Management Strategies: Know the Best Strategies to Use When Implementing a Change Management Strategy

Where Y’at Magazine
(Concerts, Music, Entertainment)

The Wombats

Lagniappe Brass Band

Demand Studios/eHow
(How To, Travel, Events, Entertainment)

Events in Delaware for Labor Day Weekend

Condo Projects in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Dirt Bike Vacations in Las Vegas

Canadian Visa Requirements for Niagara Falls

Toddler Activities in Disney Florida

Fun Bars in Chicago

Oak Haven Cabins in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Attractions in Bodie, California – Travel Tips – USAToday

Thai Restaurants in Dalian, China – Travel Tips – USAToday

Canada Heritage Arts Grants

Night Clubs in Yakima for Teens

Hotels in Tokpa, Benin Republic – Travel Tips – USAToday

Tips on Travel With Educational Tours – Travel Tips – USAToday

Campgrounds in Whiskeytown Lake, California

Types of Hoover Allergen Sweeper Bags

The Best Winter Snow Vacations for a Snowmobile – Travel Tips – USAToday

All-Inclusive Resorts in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Waterpark Hotels Near Williamsburg, Virginia – Travel Tips – USAToday

Drive-Through Wild Animal Parks in East Texas

Apprenticeship Programs in BC Canada

Cabins on Lake Rescue in Ludlow, Vermont

Scenic Highway Grants – Travel Tips – USAToday
(Camping, Recreation, RVs, How To)

Not-so-sweet Sweetwater RV Adventures

How to Install a Tow Bar

RV Tips – Expansion Tanks and Plumbing

RV Road Safety

RV Furnace Troubleshooting

Installing an RV Scare Light

Trail’s Edge
(Travel, Travel Gear, Hiking, Outdoor Activities)

What to Get the Gearhead Girl

Top 5 Hikes in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Top 5 Funny Travel Books

Preparing for a Hike on Longs Peak

How to Clean Your Dirty Hiking Boots

Hiking the Hidden Parts of Rocky Mountain National Park

Drying Your Hiking Boots in the Backcountry

Best 5 Hikes in the Denver Metro Area

8 Tips for Conquering a Fourteener

7 Tips for Trainining Hiking Muscles

6 Ways to Avoid Blisters While Hiking

5 Tips on Selecting Winter Hiking Boots

5 Tips for Hiking in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada

5 Secluded Camping Spots in Colorado’s Front Range

5 Best Colorado Wildflower Hikes

(Health News, Health Trends, Disability Trends, Disability Technology)

Wheelchair Racing Jacob Heilveil Coaches Bolder Boulder EXPAND Team

Wheelchair Carriers What You Need to Know

Teaching Children with Cerebral Palsy

Smartphone Apps Provide Assistive Technology for Disabled

Seat Lift Chair Primer

Psoriatic Arthritis Pain Relief

Electric Wheelchair Carrier Essentials

Disabled Dog Dagnabit and Wheelchair Friends

Catholic Sex Scandal at Deaf School Threatens Pope

Adaptive Sports & Equipment for Your Sweetie

Earth Fare
(Grocery, Retail, Organic, Natural, Health)

Heinz Ketchup Made a Change – Just Not the Important One!

Decadent on a Budget – It’s Grilling Season!

St Patty’s Menu

Refer a Friend Contest Wrap-Up

The Best and the Worst Valentine’s Day Treats!

Decadent on a Budget_ Gourmet Dinner under $40

Earth Fare is Celebrating the Big Game on Saturday – Are You Coming?

My Decade My Health My Journey Video Contest

Refer a Friend Contest – Time is Running Out!

Go GREEN this Black Friday!

Go Green this Halloween

When Zero Doesn’t Mean Zero

The Best and Worst Easter Treats!

Commentary by a Coonass

Sun Wars – Navigating the Sunscreen Saga
(Real Estate, Travel, Vacation Home, Hotel)

Top 15 tourism heavyweights on Twitter that you must follow!

Top Travel Blogs of 2008 – Did you make the list?

Top Vacation Real Estate Twitterers That You Should Follow

The big takeaway from TravelCom….

TRAVEL RANTS – You Won’t Believe This!

Don’t Miss Tonight’s Travel Writer Meet-up of the YEAR! Both Aspiring & Established Writers Welcome!

Show me your BEADS! Are you going to Mardi Gras?
(Change Management, Project Management, IT, Entertainment)

Integrating ScrumWorks Pro and Bugzilla

Miami International Film Festival

What to Buy for a Home Theater Room

Using VPMi Professional for Your Resource Management Needs

Using Change Management Strategies

How to Photograph Glass Awards

Recycling Old Computer Equipment

How to Take Great New Year’s Eve Photos

Tribeca Film Fest

Becoming a Makeup Artist: Do You Have What It Takes?

History of Ergonomics and Its Modern Practice

Finding a Movie Script

Construction Cost Estimating Tools

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