Facebook Changing the Rules – Again

Posted: September 9, 2013 in Social Media
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Facebook recently announced two new changes, one that completely flips past regulations on its head. First of all, Facebook now gets to determine what is and is not quality content. Basically, Facebook will review your business’ content and then decide when and how often your fans get to see your content. The other has to do with Facebook promotions.

Facebook Rating Factors

Let’s discuss the new content quality update. Facebook has created a string of rating factors to determine if content is truly quality. These factors include:

  • Is it a meme or other type of low-quality post (if so, your fans may not see it)?
  • Is it shareable?
  • Is the source trustworthy?
  • Is the content recent and relevant?
  • Is it interesting, or would you complain to get it removed?

This update is a bit troubling. Sure, Facebook wants to show its fans posts that they want to see. But should Facebook really be the judge of what your fans do and don’t see? It seems a bit arbitrary. What is quality content to one person may not be to another.

Contests Get the Go Ahead

The second update seems almost out of left-field for Facebook. The social network has changed its long-standing rules of not allowing promotions in the News Feed. Up until recently, you had to use a Facebook application to run a contest, giveaway or sweepstakes.

Now, Facebook has reversed itself. ┬áBusinesses can now run any type of promotion or giveaway right from their Page. This is good news for organizations, but bad news for the business of creating Facebook contest apps. I’m actually OK with this update. As a social media professional, I’ve always had to wait for developers to create the apps, which often cause campaign delays. On the other hand, Facebook app developers might not be so happy with this.

What do you think of these latest updates? Good news or bad news?


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