Great Breakdown of Social Media Platforms

Posted: January 16, 2014 in Social Media
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Every day, I see stats on social media and which are the best social networking platforms to use. What I have hardly ever seen is an infographic as well laid-out as the one posted on Tips Builder. It wonderfully breaks down the major platforms, who’s using them, what works best on those platforms, etc.

I found the below section particularly useful:

Social Media Stats Infographic


So why did I find this so useful? Well, when you deal with clients on a daily basis, you have to continually provide the reason why they should be on any social network. While this seems very straightforward, clients have been bombarded with different reasons as to why or why not they should be on different social networks: the users are too young/too old, this platform is only for teenagers, other B2B businesses have had success, etc.

All of these word-of-mouth recommendations get confusing, and they’re often not backed up by real research. This infographic, on the other hand, nicely breaks down what audiences are using which networks, how they’re using the networks and for what. I can present this to a client, and they can quickly understand why I’m making my recommendations.

The only issue that I have with this social media infographic is the social bookmarking recommendations. With all of Google’s latest updates, you’re taking a risk that you could get dinged or that they could just be a waste of your time. I think the age of bookmarking is finally done. And I’m actually OK with that. The end of it has been coming for years.

I highly recommend checking out the full infographic. Well done!

What are you thoughts on this infographic? Do you have other resources that you use to help your clients, friends, family, etc., understand your social networking recommendations? Also, are you still using social bookmarking? Are you still having success?


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